Curupay, pronounced (Cu-ru-pie) is an incredibly dense hardwood that stands up to the most extreme climactic conditions in any north american climate. This product can be used in any environment with extreme exposures covered or uncovered. Curupay is an ironwood that is similar in density grain to Ipe, however is in the rosewood family giving it a unique reddish brown color. Eco Deck Curupay deck tiles wont he Glee outdoor award of the year in 2010. This wood is unique in that the color will darken with age to a burgundy brown color. If sealed with a pentrating oil based sealer such as the armstrong clark mahogany tint, you will find the wood will darken to a depp burgundy brownish red.

Our Curupay wood is sourced from sustainable forestry programs in Bolivia through the ABT program. More information on the sources of our woods are available upon request.


Eco Decking Curupay Classic 30mm 12" x 12" or 12" x 24"