deck tile outdoor floor referall program

Deck Tile outdoor floor project referral program

Deck Tile Referral Program 10% off our entire line of products to you and anyone you refer to us

We are happy to pass the savingon to you.  The more volume we do the better our pricing and shipping rates become.  That is why we offer any new business that is refered to us by our existing customers a 10% discount.  Group buys and multiple deck areas can be combined to offer our entire product line. 

 We work hard to make sure we will fit your outdoor flooring budget for your deck and anyone that you refer to us. 

Referals have been a big part of our business ever since we started.  When you install a great floor and your neighbor notices, we want to give you an incentive.  Condo patios and balconies are one of the most common applications for our products.  We believe that once your neighbors see these floors installed on your home that they will want one too.  That is wht we do a referral program that incentivises our customers to share the knowledge of our floors and us as company.  Find our how you can save big on your next project. Call us at 888 335 8453 for more information on how this project works.